Our Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving TableI always wait until the day before Thanksgiving to decide on a theme. This year I mixed rustic placemats and simple flowers with fine china and real silver for a rustic elegance vibe. I made “I’m Thankful for” name tags and a wishbone garland for the mantle using these tutorials found [here] and [here].  Luckily, Jeff had the strength enough to make the turkey since I don’t know the first thing about roasting a turkey.   I turned to the Barefoot Contessa for her “Foolproof” recipes on Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Spanish Pea Soup, sans ham.   The soup was a hit and I’ll definitely add it to our menu rotation outside the holidays.  I hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one!

Rustic Elegant Thanksgiving

Inspirational Pillows

Wishbone Garland

Neighborhood twigs

{Luke and I harvested some neighborhood twigs for the garland craft}

Wishbone Sticks

{broke them down into wishbones}

Painted Wishbones

{taped them and painted with craft paint}

Wishbone Garland Painted

{strung them together with floral wire and hung the garland from the mantle}