Outside Lands 2015

Outside Lands Festival ArtI spent Saturday at Outside Lands, the annual music festival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. It was much better weather than last year, with even some moments of sunshine and I didn’t need to put on my gloves until about 8pm, which is always a plus when it’s the middle of August.  I was there entertaining clients so it was God’s grace I got to spend the day in a VIP Cabana. I did venture out into the field to experience some of the festival food though.  Here are some of the highlights of my day.

Outside Lands

{Lots of really good people watching}

Outside Lands Fashion

{Outrageous fashion}

Outside Lands Art

{Beautiful festival art}

VIP Tent

{the VIP Tent experience}

Outside Lands Crowd

{Crowds for days}

AOL VIP Cabana

{AOL VIP Cabana}

Outside Lands stilts

{Drums and stilts}

Pretzel Knots

{My favorite of the Festival Food: Pretzel Knots}


{My drink of choice before the festival: Kombucha}



Billy Idol

{My favorite performance was Billy Idol}