Packing for Extreme Temps

Bathing Suits to FurI will be going from one weather extreme to another this week with a trip to Vegas followed right behind by a trip to San Francisco.  Extreme temps are forecasted to span from 100 at the high to 40 at the low.  Only a trip to San Francisco could require a fur coat in the height of Summer.  Here’s how I pack for a trip like this.


5 Tips for Packing for Extreme Temps:

1) Plan outfits by day so you know exactly what you are wearing when. This helps keep from overpacking.  I like to lay all my outfits out by day.


2) Organize outfits each day by activity, if you plan to be doing more than one. In this case a concert is on the itinerary so I’m packing jeans and a graphic T.

Concert Tee3) Include shoes in your outfit plan for each activity.  This would range from running shoes if you plan to hit the gym to high heels for dinner.  I’m nuts for Tulle, but having the right shoes to compliment this dress is important.


4) Include Undergarments and Outer-garments in your daily outfit plan.  From PJs to Panties to Coats and Scarves.  I love my Victoria’s Secret silk striped PJs.


5) Make a list of accessories. These range from sunglasses to belts to umbrellas to tech accessories like chargers.  Belts are an easy way to distinguish a travel outfit and the best part is they don’t take a lot of space.