This weekend was the first time we didn’t have our schedules booked back to back. Jeff was still under the weather so he mostly rested but Luke and I were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine together. Here are a few of the highlights. Hope yours was happy! […]

Weekend Highlights

I had the privilege of meeting [Jill Stanek] last week at the annual [Open Arms] banquet, a local pregnancy clinic that I support which offers free counseling and ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancy situations.  When I heard Jill’s story, I was amazed at her courage. She risked her job, her […]

Open Arms Charity Banquet

[Nailstream] is a company that brings manicures and pedicures to your office- genius, right?  Last week they paid a visit to AOL and I happened to be in the office that day so was able to experience one of their manicures.  I was impressed by the way they set up […]


For lunch yesterday we headed to my favorite spot for Mexican food in Beverly Hills, [Frida].  As is my custom, once I find something I like at a restaurant I tend to order that every time I visit and don’t deviate.  The chicken tacos are my go-to at Frida because […]


Luke’s school always amazes me the way they honor people. Each year they take a special Chapel service to honor Grandparents. This year was a 50’s Sock Hop theme, which had kids whizzing around the sanctuary on roller skates in poodle skirt and twirling hoola hoops. Luke has a very […]

Grandparents Day

Do you ever feel like you spend more time planning your future than you spend living your present? This is my constant struggle. Part of it is due to my nature (I plan everything), part of it is due to my job of being a parent (parents need to be […]

Forward Thinking

One of the truly magnificent things to experience in Puerto Rico is what’s known as the Bio Bay.  It is filled with micro-organisms that emit light when agitated at night.  We paddled in on kayaks just before dark and as we waited it began to rain.  Luckily for us the […]

Bio Bay

I would be remiss not to do a post spotlighting the [El Conquistador Resort] where we stayed in Puerto Rico.  The Waldorf Astoria property boasts over 1,200 rooms and sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea.  The resort is so vast that they have shuttles and a funicular to take you […]

El Conquistador Resort

One of the most memorable adventures we had together as a family in Puerto Rico was zip lining in the rainforest. We went to [Rainforest Zipline], which offers a kid-friendly course of various zip lines through the canopy of the rainforest. The people were so nice and they really made safety […]

Rainforest Zipline

Being married to a life-long surfer has its perks- one being that I can get free lessons anytime I choose to.  Over the years we have surfed together in Manhattan Beach, Malibu & Hawaii but there’s something to be said for taking a proper surfing lesson as a form of […]

Surfing La Pared

Just a short ferry ride from the El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico is [Palomino Island]. We had the pleasure of spending the day there as a family and it was pure paradise. We kayaked together over to a small sandbar where we were the only people. We swam together […]

Palomino Island

Jeff and Luke arrived to meet me on Tuesday night, just in time to kick off the beginning of our time together as my business meetings came to an end Wednesday afternoon.  I was so excited to see them and missed them so much.  We have lots of adventures planned […]

Puerto Rican Water Slide

This Tedx Toronto video from Drew Dudley is the most inspiring video I saw this week. As I watched it I began to well up unexpectedly as I thought about the impact certain people have had on my life.  My lollipop moments that I had never taken the time to […]

Lollipop Moments

I have a weak spot for high-waisted flares so imagine my delight when they started showing up in stores again. I scooped up this pair at [Madewell] prior to my trip to Puerto Rico and they turned out to be the most comfortable jeans in the world.  I’m now convinced […]

High Waisted Flares

Greetings from Puerto Rico! I am here for business but came a day early to enjoy the sights and am going to extend my trip in order to have Luke and Jeff join me. I’m so excited for us to be able to experience this new place together. This is […]

Puerto Rico

I’ve been making themed birthday parties for Luke every year since before he can remember. Some of the best were [Hulk], [Minecraft] and [Star Wars]. This year when I asked Luke what theme he wanted he said “I want an Army party”. So random. I didn’t even realize there was […]

Army Party

For President’s Day we decided to head down to San Pedro to visit the USS Iowa. Jeff suggested we tour it and I didn’t even know that it existed! I was so amazed to see there was such a massive piece of history in our own relative backyard. If you’re […]

USS Iowa

Sometimes on a beautiful LA day you just have to step outside your office for a photo shoot. Such was the case last week when I wore this Floral Skirt and Crimson Lip combination.  Thanks to my lovely friend Noaa [seen previously here] who was kind enough to take the […]

Floral Skirt & Crimson Lip

I have a long commute to work (approximately 3 hrs/day) so that’s not exactly optimal for getting dinner on the table. I go through this weekly race against time to make sure I cook what I’ve purchased at the grocery store before it spoils. Last week was no different- except […]

Simple Turkey Tacos

For Valentine’s Day we had a date night at the ArcLight in Sherman Oaks where we saw [The Imitation Game], a fantastic movie.  Neither of us had been to the ArcLight before so it was really nice to experience the plush theaters and expansive concessions options.  Afterwards we headed to […]

Valentine’s Day

I first heard about Foreign Cinema last year from one of my clients in San Francisco. It is a restaurant in the Mission district that shows movies in the backdrop while you dine. Each time I’d tried to get reservations they were booked, but this last trip I got lucky […]

Foreign Cinema

Last week I was in San Francisco for meetings and stayed at the Park Central San Francisco, formerly the Westin Market Street. While I did miss the Orange- Blueberry Granola pancakes of the Westin, aside from that it’s still a wonderful hotel with great views, clean rooms and lovely service. […]

Park Central San Francisco

The Church world is a bit upside down right now around this issue of “Missional Community”.  It’s the idea that the collective body of Christ, “The Church” should be focused on the lives of those around them as if that were their mission.  As if they had been “sent” by […]

Missional Community

A few weeks ago my friends at the office were teasing me that I had never been to [The Grove], a popular shopping center in Los Angeles.  The Sur La Table Cooking Class I attended recently was at The Farmers Market, right next to the Grove, so I did finally experience […]

The Grove

My best friend’s birthday celebration culminated with a cooking class at [Sur La Table at the Farmers Market], Los Angeles. It was something she had always wanted to do and I had never had a cooking class so it was the perfect thing for us to experience together. We learned […]

Sur La Table Cooking Classes

On day two of my best friend’s birthday celebration, we headed out to Malibu for a tour down memory lane where our friendship all began 23 years ago- [Pepperdine University]. It was so restorative to walk around and remember all the little things that bound us together so closely all […]

Memory Lane

My best friend’s 40th birthday was in January and I had planned a special celebration getaway far in advance. She lives in San Diego so she came up to Los Angeles for the night and I booked us at the [SLS].  I had visited the hotel for events before but had […]

SLS Beverly Hills

Last week was our annual Week of Prayer at Hope Chapel where we gather nightly for seven days to pray and each night has a different focus.  It could not have come at a better time for me.  I didn’t know what was in store at the end of last […]

Week of Prayer

Jeff made good on his promise to build Luke a bike ramp this weekend. I never had any desire to do jumps on my bike as a kid but apparently Jeff did so on a regular basis. I’m certain it took more courage for me to watch than it took […]

Bike Ramp

I found this striped fit and flare skirt at Target last month and asked for it for Christmas.  The weather was so warm on Sunday that I could wear it bare-legged with pointy toe sandals which was a nice departure from my recent uniform carousel of sweaters, skinny jeans and […]

Fit and Flare Skirt

Meal planning is one of those things that comes second nature to most Moms, but has never been the case with me. I go in and out of focus on meal planning and for the past few months we’ve coasted way too much on take-out as a result. In the […]

Meal Plans

Mondays are Jeff’s only day off so it’s not often we have a day off together..but Luke and I both had Martin Luther King day off which made for an opportunity to do something fun together. We headed to Sky High Sports, a trampoline park in Woodland Hills. Luke was […]

Sky High

Getting back into the habit of eating healthy after the holidays is always a challenge for me but starting the day off right with a good breakfast is the simplest strategy for success. I’m trying to include green vegetables in every meal so last week I tried pairing poached eggs […]

Poached Egg & Asparagus

I would say that spontaneity is one of the dangers of being married to a thrill-seeking-surfer-type. Whenever I tell my husband to “pick something for the family to do and I will follow”, I run the risk of not being dressed appropriately. As was the case for our hike last […]

Casual Countryside

I love the San Fernando Valley. From its sweeping views of the mountains to its wide open spaces for simple things like parking. The pace of my life doesn’t often allow me to take it all in, but this past weekend Jeff took us for a spontaneous hike at the […]

Valley Hike

Last night Luke had his Taekwondo test to advance to Yellow Belt and passed. Jeff and I very proud of him. Here are the highlights. {He had to break this board with his fist and broke it in 3 pieces with one strike}

Yellow Belt

When I was a kid, “sunny-side-up” were my favorite type of eggs. I loved to dip my toast into the soft center and scoop up the gooey yolk as it spilled out onto my plate. This salad takes me back to those days with soft-boiled eggs oozing their gooey goodness […]

Kale Breakfast Salad

I had not spent a Christmas with my Mom in forever because we always have Christmas at home but this past year my Step Dad had multiple strokes and I felt that bringing Luke to my Mom would be a great way to cheer her up during an otherwise very […]

SC Highlights

Poor Luke came down with a fever the moment our plane took off from Denver on our way to Springfield. His fever fluctuated the entire trip and didn’t really subside until our last day in South Carolina. He was a trooper though and found ways to have a little fun, […]

Paintball Fun

Over Christmas break we went to visit our God-children in Ozark, Missouri. I thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot with them so they chose their favorite outfits and we drove to downtown Springfield for some pretty fabulous backdrops. It was 27° outside but you’d never know […]

Strike A Pose

I have had a perfume obsession for as long as I can remember. I have tried so many scents over my lifetime and my tastes have certainly evolved. From the drugstore fragrances of my teen years like “Exclamation” and Debbie Gibson’s “Electric Youth” to the department store fragrances of my college years […]

Le Labo

2014 was a beautiful year that flew by faster than I imagined. In reviewing my posts to round up the year’s best, I was reminded of how much we really did together this year, as a family, as a couple, as a church and as a company at AOL.  God’s grace […]

2014 Round-Up

We never travel over Christmas but this year we have had a beautiful time celebrating Christmas with friends and family across the country. We started out at home on Christmas day and then added stops in Springfield, Missouri and York, South Carolina through New Year’s.  Here are the highlights of our 2014 […]

The Christmas Express

Sunday was our big Christmas Service at Hope Chapel. Per our tradition, we sang Christmas Carols and heard the Christmas Story. In the afternoon, I led some of the children from our Family Ministry to a local nursing home where we dropped off child-made Christmas cards and homemade cookies to […]

Joy To The World

My boys went up to Big Bear with Jeff’s family on Friday so I got to have a girls’ night out! We chose [The Misfit] in Santa Monica, a trendy spot with great food. The ambiance is very  cool with the backdrop of the bar set up like a built-in […]

The Misfit

I have been planning to do a “Shop Lisa’s Closet” post for a while now. A lot of friends have asked me what I do with my clothes when I’m done with them and typically I give them to Good Will or to Helping Hands, a local organization that helps survivors […]

Shop Lisa’s Closet

Baking cookies is a joy for me and I usually take the time to bake for all my friends at work plus my church family and neighbors each Christmas.  This year, I was short on time but needed to put together 40 gifts for our leaders at Church.  I decided […]

Cookie Gifts

My cardiologist, Steve Levine, is somewhat of a Renaissance man.  In addition to being an amazing Doctor, he plays the guitar and happens to also own the award winning Los Angeles restaurant, Wilshire.  I go there sometimes because it’s a great lunch spot for California cuisine.  The atmosphere is casual but cool […]

Wilshire Restaurant

My cookie obsession has been well documented on this blog especially Clementine chocolate chip, as seen here. Yesterday I happened upon a new cookie shop on Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica called Cookie Good. They have a wide variety of emotion evoking cookie flavors that changes daily, like the Frosted Flakes […]

Cookie Good

I had meetings in San Francisco yesterday so I came up Sunday night and the whole city seemed to have come to life since the last time I was here. I love being in New York City when it gets all dressed up for the holidays but I’ve never been […]

Christmastime in San Francisco

One of our favorite family traditions for the Christmas season is to take a drive down Candy Cane Lane to see all the pretty houses.  We finally got around to getting our tree and putting up our own lights this weekend so a visit to Candy Cane Lane was the […]

Christmas Tradition

When I was growing up we rode our bikes in the middle of the street until the street lights came on and if helmets were invented, we never heard of them. As of 1994, California has a mandatory helmet law for riders under 18.  Luke outgrew his helmet (and has also […]

Mohawk Helmet

We woke up early on Black Friday and headed to Zuma Beach in Malibu. Jeff finally got his long-awaited chance to teach Luke how to surf. Luke was surprisingly brave. He suited up and jumped right into the waves on his boogie board as a warm up, then switched to […]

Surf Lesson

Our Thanksgiving table was overflowing with food and surrounded by family. Jeff’s Mom and his daughters joined us along with his youngest daughter’s fiancé and my brother. We went around the table and each one of us shared what we were most thankful for.  Luke started by saying he was […]

Our Thanksgiving Table

Every Thanksgiving Jeff and I wake up early and go into the kitchen to cook together. It’s one of those times of year I look forward to most.  I also typically spend the afternoon before Thanksgiving finalizing my ideas for the tablescape and decor.  This year’s theme was simple chic. […]

Thanksgiving Place Cards

I remember the days when Luke was first learning to ride his bike here and here. When I told Luke that Jeff and I rode bikes on our Santa Monica getaway he burst into tears “you rode bikes without me?!” he cried. I immediately rectified the situation with a promise […]

Family Bike Ride

We try to get out to Palm Springs at least a few times a year to visit Jeff’s Dad. This weekend we were able to getaway for one night and stayed at the Westin Mission Hills Villas. It is adjacent to the Westin Mission Hills Hotel & Spa so you […]

Westin Mission Hills Villas

Luke’s school has a tradition that every year the 2nd grade hosts the 5th grade for a Thanksgiving Potluck. They all dress up like Pilgrims and the parents provide the food and service. I was one of those lucky parents last week and got to witness the sweet tradition. {I […]

Pilgrim Potluck

When I’m in San Francisco my days are typically hectic but usually that’s ok because I spend the night and have some downtime in the hotel to relax and unwind. Yesterday was a non-stop day however. I had 9 hours to squeeze  everything in and despite the rain, the day […]

9 Hours in San Francisco

Last month Jeff and I began a newsletter series at our church called “Family Night” as a way to help equip parents with ideas on how to set aside one night a week to focus on experiencing God together with their kids. This month’s focus is on “Heart Metamorphosis”. We […]

Heart Metamorphosis

When Jeff was growing up, he learned to surf at Santa Monica Beach. For our getaway to Santa Monica last weekend we chose to stay at the Casa Del Mar, right on that very same beach. As we walked the beach facing the hotel, Jeff recalled that back then the […]

Casa Del Mar Hotel

Friday night Jeff and I stole away to Santa Monica to celebrate the anniversary of our first date. Its the first time we actually celebrated in Santa Monica, which is odd, since our first date actually took place there.  On our first date we had dinner at the Ivy at […]

Santa Monica Getaway

My poor husband has been driving around an old VW Passat Wagon for the last two and a half years that was totally on its last legs. After pouring in thousands of dollars to fix it over that time period we finally decided to cut our losses and trade it […]

Mini Blessing

Last weekend we had the privilege of witnessing the wedding of a young man who grew up in our church. He was in my Sunday School as a kid and now runs the sound board for worship on Sundays. Jeff performed the ceremony and it was such a sweet wedding […]

Sweet Wedding

On my trip to NY this week I stayed at the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue. It is a hip & clean spot with a great view of the Empire State building from its Rooftop Pool.  The service is impeccable.  My towels and trash were emptied twice daily and when […]

The Gansevoort Hotel

New York City is magical this time of year. And if you can slow down long enough, taking in the sights can be great entertainment on its own. Here are a few of the photos I snapped as I walked around the city. {Radio City Music Hall} {Grand Central Station} […]

New York Highlights

This week I was in New York for business and was lucky enough to spend some quality time with my sister. I was excited to find that Hugh Jackman was back on Broadway and since I missed his show last time around, it was a fun thing for us to do together. […]

The River

This year we hosted our first ever Halloween Party for our neighborhood. It was a “post trick or treat” party – after we took the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood about 10 of our neighbors showed up at our house to roast s’mores around the fire pit and […]

Halloween 2014

I discovered a wonderful new restaurant this week called [Riva Bella]. The ambiance is so beautiful that you literally feel at peace as soon as you walk in. The menu is diverse enough to satisfy a large party of varying tastes and their ciabatta bread is amazing. If you’re on […]

Riva Bella

I came down with a pretty nasty cold last week that reached its pinnacle on Friday with a full blown fever.  I felt like the Walking Dead, but while I was laid up on the couch Luke and his friend were busy creating their own real life Walking Dead episode […]

The Walking Dead

About a month ago Jeff and I decided that we needed to be more intentional about teaching Luke how to have a faith in God that can stand on its own.  We instituted what we have been calling “Family Night” where basically every Friday night we order pizza and read […]

Family Night

On Saturday we participated in the annual Walk for Life to benefit the [Open Arms] Pregnancy Center in Northridge. They are a non-profit organization committed to supporting women in crisis pregnancies and they offer everything from free ultrasounds to counseling to free diapers and baby clothing to those Moms struggling […]

Walk For Life 2014

My office hosted the coolest team building event last week at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. It was a scavenger hunt, courtesy of [City Hunt]. They split us all up into teams, handed us an envelope filled with instructions and a digital camera, and gave us two hours to accomplish […]

Hollywood Scavenger Hunt

I am very excited about Halloween! This year we are hosting our first Halloween party ever. We’re calling it a Trick or Treat After Party and are inviting all of our neighbors so we can actually get to know one another. It dawned on me a while back that Halloween […]

Trick or Treat After Party

Saturday I took Luke to a birthday party for one of his classmates and the instruction was to “bring your nerf guns”. The party was at a park so there were a lot of wide open spaces for the boys to play and it was so interesting to watch them. […]

Nerf Wars

What little girl didn’t want to be Wonder Woman when she grew up?  Actually, for me it was probably a tie between Wonder Woman and Daisy Duke, since Lynda Carter and Catherine Bach were both such beautiful women who were also smart and strong.   I had the privilege of growing up […]

Wonder Women

For the past few weeks I have been waking up in the night thinking about the concept of Identity, specifically what it means for us to have our identity in Christ. I put together this window display at our church as a reminder of the power of our identity. Identity is of […]

Identity in Christ

When it’s 105º in October, you find yourself longing for the beach quite a bit, so after church on Sunday we headed to Malibu to cool off.   The weather was a perfect 83º and clear skies.  It was nice to have a family day with no agenda.  We skipped rocks […]


If you are looking for a nice place to stay in Pismo Beach, [Dolphin Bay Resort] is at the top of my list.  All of their rooms are suites which include full service kitchens and spacious living rooms, so its perfect for families.   We splurged for an ocean view room […]

Dolphin Bay Resort

When we arrived for our church denomination’s regional Pastor’s Conference I was delighted to find that the guest speaker was Pastor Ralph Moore, founder of the Hope Chapel church movement and personal mentor to my husband.  Ralph spoke about how our actions, little though they may seem, will matter 100 […]


This year our annual church denomination’s Fall leaders conference was held in Pismo so we enjoyed a short time away from the hustle and bustle of LA life.  Pismo Beach is quite possibly my favorite place on Earth (Maybe that’s because I’ve only ever really been here in the Fall, when the […]


Have you heard of this? An Arcade game bus that shows up at your house for parties? The one we experienced was called [Thrills on Wheels]. It’s a great idea for kids and parents alike since the bus houses contemporary video games along with the old school arcade games adults […]

Thrills on Wheels

One of my goals this year is to invest in music by going to more concerts with my family.  Jeff’s birthday served as the perfect entree to this as one of his favorite bands from the 70’s, [The Tubes], happened to be playing at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills.   […]

The Canyon Club

Although I grew up on the East Coast, I was born in Los Angeles and I have loved living here for all of my adult life.  Jeff has never lived anywhere but Southern California.  Despite that, earlier this month we realized that there is  a lot we still don’t know about our […]

LA Hidden Staircases

Despite having the gift of Faith, I do not possess the most positive of attitudes.  I came across this article on Forbes which summarized the book [Positive Intelligence] and why only 20% of teams and individuals achieve their true potential.  In a nutshell, it is the negative “self talk” that goes on […]

Positive Intelligence

I attended the Women of Faith Conference in Anaheim this past weekend with my Family Ministry Team. I had not attended Women of Faith since before Luke was born, but remembered how impactful it was on my life at the time so I really wanted to share that experience with […]

Becoming Dauntless

We extended our beach day in Santa Monica last weekend with a visit to the Santa Monica Pier.  It was the first time we ever took Luke to Pacific Park, so he was basically in heaven riding all the rides.  I highly recommend it as an affordable alternative to Disneyland. {dude- […]

Santa Monica Pier

Living in Southern California, its easy to take the beach for granted. I don’t know how it went so fast, but somehow we reached the end of Summer without even going to the beach. Last weekend we spontaneously decided to head to Santa Monica and it turned out to be a wonderful opportunity […]

Endless Summer

Egg salad was my absolute favorite sandwich as a kid. The thought of it still evokes fond memories, but years ago Jennifer Aniston cited giving up mayonnaise as the key to what got her in such great shape and I basically haven’t eaten mayo since. That said, I created this […]

Green Egg Salad Sandwich

In 110° heat, the last thing you really want to think about is putting on clothes, so keeping it casual is the key to happiness. That means, leaving your jewelry at home and keeping lots of cotton blends on hand. Sunglasses and a hat are really the only accessories you […]

Desert Casual

On our final night at the Westin Mission Hills, we attended a Luau on the property. It came complete with hula and fire dancing, which was super fun for Luke. It reminded me of our times in Hawaii together, minus the humidity and the five-hour flight, making it a much […]

Labor Day Luau

I hope all of you had an excellent long Labor Day weekend! My husband was due for some relaxation time so we headed to the desert. Our favorite place to unwind and reconnect with each other is the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage, CA. They are a great […]

Labor Day Highlights

With back-to-school in full swing, I wanted to spend a little time at play with Luke before the Summer ended. There is no better fountain of youth than having kids.  If it weren’t for him, I’d be sitting on my couch, not jumping in pools. Here are a few photos […]

Pool Play Date

Words have so much power. The power to build up, the power to tear down, the power to sustain and the power to propel forward. I believe in speaking life to people. By that I mean, speaking words that bring life. I practice this in the way I encourage my […]

Speak Life

I love Target for many reasons, probably the best being that I can buy my shampoo, my son’s school snacks, my husband’s t-shirts and designer clothes for myself -all in the same place at a great price! I bought this Phillip Lim for Target skirt a while back but forgot […]

Phillip Lim for Target

There are so many firsts in our lives. I am one of those people who likes to stop and take them in. The first day of school is always a fun memory for me because my Mom was so great about making it special. I’ll never forget the first day […]

2nd Grade First Day

Birthdays have always been one of my favorite things to look forward to. I remember the anticipation of turning 13, 16, 18, 21, 25 and 30. Since each of those particular ages held promises in our culture for what those years might bring that had not been possible the years […]

Pushing 40

I grew up in the country in New Hampshire where every Fall we’d have to cut the trees down on our property and stack the wood to heat our house in the Winter. Suffice it to say, I have had my fair share of the great outdoors.  I tried to […]

The Great Outdoors

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of camping. Its not that I don’t enjoy the outdoors, I just find it counter-intuitive to sleep on the dirty ground outside when I spend so much of my energy trying to keep a roof over my head and a warm […]


By the age of 12, I had spent more time in bars than your average kid, watching my Dad play darts with his friends. I still have no idea how they let a kid into those places but back then things were a bit more lax I suppose.  Eventually he […]

Cactus Darts

My biggest problem with Vegas used to be that you couldn’t get from any of the hotel lobbies to your room without walking through the cigarette-smoke laden casinos, which left your hair constantly smelling like an ashtray. The Cosmopolitan Hotel has fixed that so my latest trip to Vegas was […]

The Cosmopolitan

I watched the [Fault in Our Stars] the other night, alone in my hotel room, and I cried so hard my heart hurt. I thought about my little 4-year-old friend Grace who has suffered so much this year with leukemia. I thought about my brother and the 10 years he’s […]

Waiting for You

If you’re wondering what to wear to Outside Lands, please take the San Francisco microclimates into consideration prior to picking your outfit. While you may envision wearing the typical Summer music festival attire of a flowy sundress with boots and a floppy hat, you would be painfully mistaken to wear […]

Outside Lands Fashion Guide

I haven’t been to Vegas for five years so arriving here this week for a business trip was almost like visiting it for the first time.  I wandered around most of yesterday wide-eyed, distracted and amazed at everything.  Here are a few of my favorite moments. {The Juggler who welcomed […]

Vegas Moments

I will be going from one weather extreme to another this week with a trip to Vegas followed right behind by a trip to San Francisco.  Extreme temps are forecasted to span from 100 at the high to 40 at the low.  Only a trip to San Francisco could require […]

Packing for Extreme Temps

When we found out last month that Luke had a hernia I was concerned about my little boy having to undergo surgery, but that concern did not become real until last week when they were rolling him away from me to the operating room.  Fear spread over me like a […]

Brave Boy

One of Jeff’s favorite pastimes happens to be fishing, which suits him being that his last name is “Fischer” (I, on the other hand, don’t go near a fishing boat without loads of dramamine). On his day off this week, Jeff brought his nephew along with Luke on a day-fishing-trip […]

Fischer Men

I fell for this Peter Som striped romper the first time I previewed it in his collection for Kohls. I love it when designers make their creations affordable for the masses. I wore it with wedges and an elastic belt but my husband was by far my favorite accessory. You […]

Peter Som Striped Romper

Luke had never been to Magic Mountain and I did not want his first time there to be on a field trip with his school, I wanted to be there the first time he faced his fears to ride a roller coaster, so when he asked to go this Summer, […]

Facing Fears- Six Flags Magic Mountain

Friday afternoon we headed down to the [St. Regis in Monarch Beach] for an anniversary getaway. Despite the traffic that took us 3 hours to get there, it was a really pleasant trip. They upgraded us to an executive suite and got us into the Monarch Bay Resort Club for […]

Anniversary Getaway St. Regis

This weekend Jeff and I will celebrate 11 lovely years of marriage. When I think back on our wedding I am amazed at how far we’ve come in these 11 years together. We were really starting out our lives together from scratch but we started out on a strong foundation. […]

11 Lovely Years

It is always a thrill to tour historical sites, but there is something especially exciting to me about touring our National Monuments and places of government. My soul floods with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy whenever I am near them. I’m strange that way.  I tried to pass […]

US Capitol

In high school I remember combing through the AP Honors Summer Reading list with eager anticipation to decide which three books I would choose to read before school was back in session. Books like [Jane Eyre], [To Kill a Mockingbird] and [Anna Karenina] are just a few that I remember […]

Summer Reading List

Deep breaths. That is all I could think as I stepped into the air conditioned gondola to embark on our ride of the [Capital Wheel] at National Harbor. The ride operator smiled at us and closed the sliding doors shut. Immediately my heart began to race and I had to […]

Capital Ferris Wheel

We stayed two blocks away from the White House on our trip to DC, so we decided one morning to grab coffee and pastries and walk down to the White House to enjoy our breakfast. My Dad arranged for me the privilege of touring the inside when I was about […]

Breakfast at the White House

We discovered the most amazing place for brunch in DC. It’s called Old Ebbit Grill. The food is fantastic, the ambiance is casual enough to bring little ones (they have a kids menu), yet grown up enough to feel like you’re out on a date (the velour booths add an […]

Old Ebbit Grill

I gravitate toward shift dresses because they combine comfort and elegance. Traditionally they hang loose from the shoulders with little or no definition in the waist making them the perfect thing to wear on vacation since the last you thing you want to worry about on vacation is watching your […]

White Shift

I lived just outside of DC, in a town called Rockville, Maryland for a short time growing up. My Dad used to love taking us to tour DC and my favorite Smithsonian Museum was always the Natural History Museum. On this 4th of July family trip we toured the Air […]

Best of the Smithsonian

I am a sucker for a double-decker city bus tour. My friends tease me because I even love riding them in my own town of Los Angeles. Not surprisingly then, our first item on the agenda in DC was to tour it from the big red bus. Here is our […]

DC Tour

I think I was fifteen the first time I sported a pair of cutoff denim shorts. I remember being inspired by Cindy Crawford’s Shape Your Body Workout Video so I cut the legs out of a pair of old jeans. Not bothering to measure, one leg was longer than the […]

Frayed Denim Cutoffs

We enjoyed spending Independence Day in our Nation’s Capital for a very patriotic 4th of July this year. It was Luke’s first time ever visiting DC and all of our first times experiencing DC on the 4th. It was so nice to spend some time reflecting on the freedom we […]

Patriotic 4th

It’s hard to believe that it’s July already and we’ve hardly spent any time at home as a family this Summer. Last weekend we finally had a chance to just hang out by the pool and have swim races, somersault contests and remote control boat chases. It was so much […]

Pool Time

We spent Saturday morning at Skateland in Northridge for a birthday party of one of Luke’s classmates. It was Luke’s first time roller skating and Jeff and I hadn’t been since we were kids. As we were pulling into the parking lot Jeff shared that he had been coming to […]


Last week was really trying for me.  I came up against a lot of criticism from within my own family and within my own church family for this blog.  As I mentioned {here}, I do not fit neatly into any particular category and this sometimes disappoints people who expect me […]

Hearing God

I can remember my mother emphasizing modesty growing up. She did so in a way that was a bit unconventional in that she sat me down and explained that men were visual beings and how the sight of a woman’s body could have actual physical effects on a man. I […]

Modest Summer Swimsuit

It is nearly mid-Summer everywhere in the U.S. with the exception of course for San Francisco which boast some of the coldest temperatures I’ve ever experienced in Summer. The temperatures within the city itself can vary as much as 20 degrees from one part of town to the other, prompting […]

SF Summer Fashion

It was a classic case of “what should we make for dinner” the other night and I was inspired to grill. I opted for chicken tacos and in an effort to make them less boring I customized {this recipe} to make a simple marinade. Jeff helped me grill the chicken […]

Honey Lime Chicken Tacos

I arrived in San Francisco yesterday afternoon and spent the evening walking around Union Square. I really am introvert at heart because I relish time by myself in a big city where I can just get lost in the sea of folks and be alone with my thoughts as I […]

San Francisco Sights

Sunday afternoons we usually head straight to a lunch spot after church so this Sunday was no different, except that for some reason when we got to our restaurant of choice, it was too frustrating to find any parking.. so we decided to go home and cook breakfast instead.  Jeff […]

Semi Healthy French Toast

Yesterday I was able to visit my little friend Grace at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. You may remember {this post} from when I found out she was diagnosed with Luekemia earlier this year.  Since then she has been fighting ALL like a ninja princess.   She has come through so much […]

Ninja Princess

Last week, my favorite fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni, of The Blonde Salad, happened to be hosting a Fashion For Breakfast LA event at Cecconi’s, not far from my office so I stopped by.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay for breakfast because I had a meeting to get to, but […]

Fashion for Breakfast

We spent Saturday afternoon at the California Science Center touring the Pompeii Exhibit and experiencing the IMAX movie “Forces of Nature”. It was a pretty amazing family afternoon and a great reminder that time is precious. We are not here for very long and we never know when that moment […]


Have you ever worn something and felt like people kept complimenting your outfit but you didn’t understand why? I have often felt that way and over the last few years since I’ve been documenting my outfits for my own future reference, I’ve figured out a pattern for planning outfits that […]

Fashion Deconstruction- White Black & Gray

Last week seemed like one big commencement ceremony for Luke. On Wednesday he completed 1st grade as an honor roll student. On Friday, he graduated to the next belt in Taekwondo and on Saturday his first baseball season officially concluded in which all players received trophies just for being part […]

Belts and Trophies

If you have not seen the movie or read the book, {Divergent}, I urge you to. It is a story of courage in the midst of fear.  In it, the protagonist, Tris, has to face choosing which group will define her in society for the rest of her life.  Which […]


Last week I received a welcome surprise in the mail, a complimentary copy of the May-June issue of British Airways’ in-flight magazine, which features one of my California palm trees photos as the backdrop for one of their stories.  They reached out to me a month or so ago asking […]

AllThingsGraceful In-Flight

Since the start of the baseball season, Luke has wanted to play first base. He was put at every other position on the field except first base and there was a reason for that. Luke could not catch when he first started playing this year. Last week Luke was allowed […]

First Base

One of the great things about working in advertising is getting access to fun events where I get to bring my family.  Last week, we had such a privilege to attend the Moviefone Pre-Screening of Disney’s Maleficent movie, at the AMC in Century City.  Luke brought a friend and I […]


I was looking for a twist on my typical breakfast smoothie and decided to serve it in a mason jar. The great thing about a Mason Jars is you can make anything into a gift by adding a simple sticker to the top. This Mason Jar Smoothie is my antioxidant […]

Mason Jar Smoothie

I have always loved children.  I can remember being a child and not understanding adults who didn’t like children.  I would think to myself, “don’t they realize that they were children too, once?”  Despite my fond feelings for the wee ones, I did not possess any innate desire to have […]

Best Friends & Kids

Jeff was going out of town on Memorial Day so Luke and I went on a Mother/Son getaway to San Diego.  We stayed at La Costa, one of our favorite family destinations in Southern California.  This was the first time we had a chance to enjoy the splash center and […]

La Costa Memorial Weekend

I had been searching for a black jumpsuit for some time but the ones I found were either too tapered or too low cut or too expensive or too something.  I happened to remember that Peter Som had just debuted his collection for Kohls so I clicked on over to […]

Peter Som Jumpsuit

A few weeks ago my friend Jac told me that when she was a little girl her parents would  surprise her when they woke her up for school by saying “we’re not going to school today, we’re going to Disneyland!”.  I thought it was the greatest idea and it couldn’t […]

Disneyland Holiday

Since I didn’t really get any time to rest on Mother’s Day, it was lovely to have a little downtime with Luke this past Sunday afternoon. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of quality time by the pool to restore that connection.


For the past four years AOL has instituted a designated volunteer day as a way to demonstrate our corporate value of “We are in the business of helping people period”. We call it “Monster Help Day” and every office across the globe participates in some way. This year our office […]

Heal the Bay

It’s no secret for anyone who knows me that I am a particular eater and when I find something I like at a restaurant, I tend to order the same thing every time because I hate making decisions. The Ivy on Robertson is my favorite restaurant in LA and I […]

The Ivy at the Shore

Last week I was in San Francisco for a couple of days and the weather was 84 degrees each day. It was lovely to experience what this city can be like when the sun hits it. Here are the highlights of my trip. {Waking up to the sun} {Union Square […]

San Francisco Sun

Life is messy. Things don’t always go the way we planned and sometimes they go very wrong. We forget that life is even messy for kids.  The children in my Sunday School class come from all different backgrounds.  Some are homeless at the moment, others have just come out of […]

Sunday School Lesson- Testimony Power

My husband has such an amazing story.  He basically gave up on himself academically at the age of 12, when his parents divorced.  He resorted to a life of surfing and drugs, barely graduated high school and then went straight into the workforce.  His lung collapsed at the age of […]

Graduation Day

AOL owns the Huffington Post so I had the unique privilege of being invited to host clients last week at an intimate event with Arianna Huffington where she was talking about her new book, Thrive. I found the focus of her talk and of her book very interesting because it […]

A Night With Arianna Huffington