Physical Time

PhysicalLuke is playing flag football at school this semester. It’s his first time playing sports at school so it was time for a physical. We visited his pediatrician and not surprisingly he was in the 95th percentile for height and 90th for weight. His doctor thinks he will be a linebacker. When we finished the exam, the doctor asked Luke if there were any other questions he had for him and Luke said “yes, what sports do you think I should play?”. The recommendation? Tennis. Luke reaction “I hate tennis. I play table tennis and I’m terrible at it”. Kids.

Eye testHearing test

{Hearing test}

Hearing test

{what-do-ya-know he has perfect hearing! Perfectly no excuses for not listening now!}


{Perfect blood pressure}


{Clean bill of health. Cause for celebration- which meant Subway for lunch, his favorite}