Pokemon Card Cake

Pokemon Card Cake Tutorial

Pokemon Card Cake
This year, for Luke’s  birthday, rather than baking and decorating myself, I went with a semi-homemade solution.. I ordered a pre-made plain white frosted cake from Costco and then decorated it as a Pokemon Card.  I chose Charizard as the character because a lot of the decorations we bought for the party had that Pokemon character on them.  The candles coming out of his mouth made for a good fire-breathing effect when lit.  Below are you will find my step-by-step tutorial on how to make a Pokemon Card cake.

Pokemon Card Cake

Step 1: Find a Pokemon character you like and make a stencil, or in my case ask your brother the artist to make a stencil for you.  If I had tried to make the stencil, I would have probably just had to rip a page out of a coloring book and cut a stencil from that, since I have zero drawing ability.  Once you have your stencil created or pulled from a coloring book, transfer the stencil to the cake with a toothpick.

Pokemon Card cake

Step 2: Make the frosting. I made a classic buttercream frosting using this recipe from Martha Stewart.  I separated the frosting into two large parts for the biggest colors and 3 small parts for the accent colors.  I then added Wilton gel food coloring to each part.  Orange & teal for the largest parts and red, black & ivory for the remaining parts of frosting. Once you have made your frosting, start with the black icing in a pastry bag with a small round tip to trace over all of the toothpick lines you made from your stencil.  Then begin filling in the lines with orange and teal using a pastry bag with a star tip and small dabs of frosting one right next to each other.

Pokemon Cake

Step 3: Customize your Pokemon card with text using black icing and a simple small hole tip.  I Googled Charizard Pokemon cards to find some wording I liked and added it accordingly.

Charizard Cake

Step 4: Arrange the candles coming out of Charizard’s mouth.  Luke was turning 9, so I placed 9 candles in the shape of a flame coming out of his mouth.

Pokemon Cake

Happy birthday boy.

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