Pokemon Invitations

Pokemon Invitations

Luke’s 9th birthday will be upon us next week and I’ve been hard at work pulling it all together. This year’s Pokemon theme made it a lot of fun for me to get to know the show and the characters and allowed me special bonding time with my son through it all.  I had so much fun making these DIY Pokemon invitations. Since I could not find anything like them on Pinterest, I thought it might be helpful to share the steps I used to make them.  I hope you find them helpful. Happy party planning!


Pokemon Invitations

This is the supply list I used,  minus the card stock, glue stick, printer and paper cutter.  I found all the supplies at Staples and used their printer and paper cutter to assemble everything on-site.

Supply List: Avery full sheet 8/12 x 11 clear shipping labels, Avery 5160 clear address labels, Jam Paper metallic envelopes, packing tape, glue stick, ID Badge hot laminating pouches

Pokemo Invitations

I first took a picture of Luke and the backside of a Pokemon card with my phone.  Then I  used this site to create a custom Pokemon card with Luke’s face on it.  I imported the custom cards into a Word document and printed them out double-sided on card stock with the photo of the actual Pokemon cards on the back.

Pokemon Invitations

Then used a paper cutter to cut them uniformly.


Pay attention to the way you set up the printing of the Pokemon back sides.. I made the entire first batch of invites for Luke’s class and Luke pointed out later that the Pokeball was upside down. (Red goes on top!) So the second batch I printed out one sided and then used a glue stick to glue the front and back sides of the cards together to have more control over the Poke ball.


I used ID badge hot laminating pouches to emulate sleeves for the Pokemon Card Invitations.  You could laminate them if you want, I didn’t have a laminator so this worked just as well.

Pokemon invitations

The next task was making the Pokemon Packs envelopes.  I used JAM paper metallic envelopes but they had filmstrips on them step 1 was to turn them inside out.

Pokemon invites

Next step, I folded the envelope down to Pokemon Pack size and affixed it with packing tape.

Pokemon Invites

 In order to make the Pokemon Invitation envelopes look as much like Pokemon packs as possible I snagged a photo of a Pokemon Breakpoint pack and superimposed a photo of Luke onto it.  Then imported it into a Word doc and printed it out on full page 8 1/2 x 11 clear labels.  Then cut them out and affixed them to the metallic envelopes.

Pokemon Invitations

I put the Pokemon Card invitation into the Pokemon Pack envelope and taped it shut with clear packing tape.

Pokemon Invitations

The invitations were finally complete.  I printed the address labels and planned to mail them as is, then Jeff pointed out that having Luke’s face on one side and our return address on the back might not be such a safe idea.  Thanks Babe!

Pokemon Invitations

I used orange envelopes instead and mailed them out.