Pokemon Party

Pokemon Party
This weekend we celebrated Luke’s 9th birthday with a Pokemon Party. I worked with him on the theme, invitation and ideas. It was a fun collaborating with him and much more authentic since according to him I’m a “newb” when it comes to Pokemon lingo.  It was probably my favorite party we’ve thrown yet.  I really enjoyed the creative process.  So many people ask me how I do it that I thought I’d share my process with you.  Here are my secrets to planning a successful Pokemon party.

Pre-Planning: Ahead of the party, I make an Excel Spreadsheet that houses everything from RSVPs to purchases I need to make to a timeline of execution for the actual day of the event.  This is not glamorous but is essential and the real key to keeping everything organized.
Pokemon DIY Invitations:  I don’t like pre-made party  invitations because part of the fun for me is designing my own.  You can see how I made the custom Pokemon card invitations here.

Pokemon Party


Wall Mural: I found the Pokemon Happy Birthday Wall Mural from Party City.

Pokemon Food

Food: I made this Poke Bowl out of Olives, Cauliflower and Cherry Tomatoes.  We served Costco Pizza and a variety of snacks such as Peanut butter pretzels, circus cookies, Doritos, Chips and Ranch dip.

Pokemon Food

Pokemon Food

My favorite food item was the “Lightning Sushi”, candy sushi purchased from World Market.

Pokemon Food Cards

Tablescape: I rented 6 black linen tablecloths from a local party store to cover the table and the boxes for the favor displays as well as the table for the Photo booth.  I found these Pokemon Food Cards from Etsy for $1.00.  WAY worth it.  Luke and his friend Harrison helped me come up with names for the food that corresponded to the characters on the food cards.

Pokeball Tablecloth Stickers

I printed out Pokeball images onto clear full sheet label paper and then cut them out and stuck them to the front of the tablecloth.  Free Pokeball printable here: Pokeball Full Sheet Label

Pokemon Photo Booth

Pokemon Photo Booth

We welcomed each child by allowing them to pose as Ash in a photo op with Pikachu.   They wore Ash’s Hat and a special Pikachu from Amazon that actually sat on the child’s shoulder, shot foam discs from his mouth and made Pikachu sounds.  I plan to print out the photos and include in the thank you cards Luke sends to their parents.

Pokemon Party


Gotta Catch Em All.  I purchased Pokemon figures in bulk from Amazon and hid them all over our backyard and gave out Pokeballs for the kids to use to catch their Pokemon.  We hid Pikachu under the light socket cover, appropriate since Pikachu is an electric type Pokemon.  The one who found Pikachu won a prize.  This was my favorite game by far.

Pokemon Party

Pokeball Basketball: I used this Basket Case game from World Market and it was a huge hit.  Whoever got the most balls in the basket on their head won a prize.

Catch Charizard: This was like pin the tail on the donkey, but stick the Pokeball on the Charizard target.  All elements came included in the game from Party City.

Pikachu Pinata

Pokemon PartyPikachu Pinata: We filled it with candy and had a blast with this old fashioned game I’ve had at nearly every birthday party of mine since I was 4.

Pokemon Birthday
: I pre-ordered a plain cake from Costco to save time this year and then just decorated it to look like a Pokemon Card.  My brother is an artist so he made me a stencil of a Charizard character that I then transferred to the cake with a toothpick.  I made the frosting using this simple recipe and colored it with Wilton food coloring. (Orange, Teal, Ivory & Black)

Pokemon Cake

Step by step Pokemon card cake tutorial here.


Pokeball Favors

I made Pokeball favors and stuffed them with Pokemon cards, mini Pokemon figures, Pokemon shooters, Pokemon tattoos and candy.  You can see the DIY Pokeball favor tutorial here.


My sweet boy read every word of every card but then yelled his thank you’s out into the crowd.  We need to work on tact a little bit.

Pokemon party

I loved this moment.  The two of them playing with their Pokemon figures.

Pokemon Trainer Certificate

I made these Trainer Certificates for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, which is this year.  I hand wrote each child’s name and gave them out as they left the party.   Free Pokemon Trainer Certificate here: POKEMON CERTIFICATE Final

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