Pool Renovation

Pool RenovationWhen we moved into our house back in 2006, the pool needed to be re-plastered but we decided to paint it black instead.  For the past few years our black-bottom pool has been giving folks black-bottom feet.  We knew it was time for a fix and this year we finally decided to pull the trigger.  I’m excited that we can finally use our pool as a way to cool off during these valley-hot Summer days. Here is the before and after.  I used a ton of Pinterest inspiration to come to the final product and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Pool Play Date

{This was our pool last Summer with the crumbling coping and black bottom}

pool gunite

{We stripped it down to the gunite. Pool thought it was a playground}

Pool Coping

{We went with a lighter color coping than our deck since it would keep cooler. We chose French Grey as the coping color}

Pool Tile

{We added 1×1 Peb Marine Blue decorative pool tile from Fujiwa Tile}


{We chose “French Grey” colored plaster color for the pool as well}

Pool Renovation French Grey Plaster

{We debated trucking in water from Colorado to re-fill the pool, given the drought we’re having in California and resulting water restrictions, but decided it was cheaper to bite the bullet and pay the higher fees to refill it with the hose}

Pool Renovation French Grey plaster

{Finished product}

Pool Renovation

Pool Renovation