Pushing 40

39th BirthdayBirthdays have always been one of my favorite things to look forward to. I remember the anticipation of turning 13, 16, 18, 21, 25 and 30. Since each of those particular ages held promises in our culture for what those years might bring that had not been possible the years before them. As I turned 39 this week I found myself looking forward to something again. 40 will be a great milestone to reach and I can’t wait. My word for myself this year is “Invest”. Here is a list of the 40 things I want to invest in before I’m 40. Here’s to making this year my most productive yet.

1) Invest in the future by sponsoring more children

2) Invest in my family by taking an International trip together

3) Invest in myself by redesigning this blog (now you really have something to hold me accountable to).  Let me know if you know any good designers!

4) Invest in others by setting aside more time to pray for their needs

5) Invest in the Kingdom of God by building a Children’s Ministry team at Hope Chapel

6) Invest in my community by planning neighborhood events (I’m really excited  for hosting our first neighborhood Halloween party!)

7) Invest in my future by hiring a financial planner through [LearnVest]

8) Invest in my work by reading industry trade articles daily and leadership books quarterly

9) Invest in my home by finally redesigning our 70’s bathroom and refinishing our pool

10) Invest in my faith by attending at least two mini retreats (the first one is coming up on 9.12, called [Women of Faith], in Anaheim, and I encourage you to attend if you are in Southern California.

11) Invest in my friends by scheduling more brunches and girls days (Theo & Rathy, get ready!)

12) Invest in my Kin by visiting my Mom and Sisters and Aunts and Cousins

13) Invest in my Marriage by scheduling date nights with my Husband

14) Invest in my Son by scheduling play dates for the two of us

15) Invest in my Step-Daughters by scheduling mani-pedi days

16) Invest in my health by planning meals with a focus on micronutrients

17) Invest in my body by working out with an instructor 3 times/week

18) Invest in my wardrobe by auctioning off my old clothes and redesigning my closet (Look out for the first “Shop Lisa’s Closet” coming soon via eBay)

19) Invest in my coworkers by starting a free smoothie bar

20) Invest in my sales team by scheduling quarterly lunches

21) Invest in my spirit by meditating on scripture verses daily

22) Invest in my husband by helping him get his health back to 100%

23) Invest in my Church by redesigning the courtyard and signage

24) Invest in my neighbors by helping them find a contractor

25) Invest in old friends by reconnecting on Facebook (which I never use)

26) Invest in my brother by helping him find an art class

27) Invest in creativity by taking an art class with my son

28) Invest in fun by planning Family Nights

29) Invest in music by going to more concerts with my family

30) Invest in adventure by going zip lining

31) Invest in drama by going to the Theater

32) Invest in the next generation by getting to know the youth in our church

33) Invest in worship by discovering new spiritual song writers

34) Invest in dance by taking a class

35) Invest in freedom by sending a letter to our troops

36) Invest in hope by writing monthly letters to my sponsored children

37) Invest in strangers by smiling more at people on the street

38) Invest in the environment by hosting a community clean up day

39) Invest in communication by learning to speak Spanish

40) Invest in emotion by reading and writing poetry