Resurrection Sunday Lesson

JerusalemEvery year at Easter I try to come up with a lesson for kids that brings the Bible to life in a special way. This year I put together a lesson on the eye-witness evidence of the Resurrection. It asked the questions “How do we know Jesus is Alive? Who did he appear to? Where did he appear? How did He appear? Did He come back as a ghost?” The lesson included simple “sets” for each different place that Jesus appeared after He was risen and we constructed them in different areas of our Church campus so the kids were on a constant quest for evidence, moving from place to place.  The kids had a great time learning about an aspect of the Resurrection we hadn’t studied before.  If you’re looking for a unique Easter Sunday School lesson for next year, you can find the full script by clicking here: Resurrection Sunday Lesson.

The Tomb

{First evidence- the empty tomb, which we constructed out of brown paper wrapped around our playground rock wall and spray painted cardboard to make a stone that was rolled away.  I told Mary’s eyewitness account of being the first to see Jesus alive again}

Sea of Tiberias

{The Sea of Tiberias, otherwise known as the Sea of Galilee, is where Jesus showed up and cooked a fish breakfast for his disciples after He had risen from the dead.  You can find the backdrop here}


{Rubber fish that look and feel real.  I found them here}


Road to Emmaus

{I blew up a large photo of a road through the desert and called it the Road to Emmaus. This is the second place Jesus appeared to two other disciples after His resurrection}

Road to Emmaus

{Luke helped me appear as Jesus in to his disciples and Doubting Thomas in the locked room, where he allowed him to touch his hands and his side to prove he was alive}


{Jerusalem- the place where Jesus told His disciples they would be His witnesses first, then in Judea and then throughout the whole world.  He ascended to Heaven in front of their eyes and it set their hearts on fire.  They all went to their deaths for their profession that He was the Christ, the promised Messiah to the Jews and the one God promised Abraham that through him all the Nations of the world would be blessed}


{After Jesus’ ascension, Saul of Tarsus, a Pharisee who was on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians was blinded by the risen Lord on his way to Damascus.  His sight was restored 3 days later when a Christian in Damascus saw Jesus in a dream and told him to pray for Saul’s sight.  From that day forward, later known as Paul, he became the greatest advocate for Christ the world has ever seen.  He went on to preach the good news that the Messiah had come to all the known ancient world and wrote many of the books in the New Testament.  His testimony in 1 Corinthians 15 refers to the Resurrected Jesus appearing to 500 eyewitnesses at the same time.  Not likely they all hallucinated.  Paul ultimately was martyred for his faith}


{After service, we had a massive Egg hunt with over 1,000 eggs.  I explained that every new life starts with an egg and that is why we use eggs to represent the new life we have in Jesus when we believe in Him}


{I explained that all the eggs had treats inside of them except for one. The golden egg, which would be empty but would be worth more than all the other eggs combined.  It would represent the empty tomb and this egg would be worth a ticket to Disneyland}

Egg Hunt

{The winner of the golden egg}