Reunion Birthday Surprise

Birthday SurpriseJeff’s closest childhood friend, Robert Weiner, is a renowned surfboard shaper, and was named Shaper of the Year in 2011 by Surfing magazine. The two of them got together this Summer so Jeff could have Robert shape a board for his nephew and they decided that a reunion was in order to celebrate all their old neighborhood friends. Robert hosted it at his home in Ventura and I worked with his wife on a surprise birthday celebration for Jeff. It was so great to see him so happy with all of his old friends. They all had so many stories of how God had spared them from death and changed their lives forever. ┬áIt was such a powerful evening hearing of God’s grace in the lives of all of these men.

The gang

{the guys Jeff grew up with in Granada Hills}


{Jeff brought old photos to reminisce with his friends}

Jeff's friends

{Jeff was the brunt of many of the jokes}


{Belly laughs}