Run For Life

This was my second year running the 5K at Hansen Dam for the Pregnancy Resource Center of the San Fernando Valley.  It is an organization near and dear to my heart that offers counseling and support for women in crisis pregnancy situations.  I ran my first (and only) marathon when I was 26 years old so I figured I could easily run a 5K with zero training, but 37 is a lot different than 26.  I was late and the race started without me but it was timed with shoe chips so I just spent the first leg passing up the walkers trying to catch up to the runners.  I finally did so at the turnaround point but managed to take a wrong turn on the way back that landed me in a dead-end parking lot.  (Only I can manage to get lost in a 5K race) Of course the way back was all uphill and by the time I reached the top I had lost my desire to run.  Completely demoralized, I continued on walking as I processed through my anger at myself.  I realized that life is like this race. Sometimes you walk, sometimes you run, sometimes it’s downhill and sometimes you lose your way but through it all you must not lose the desire to run.  You must finish the race.   So that’s what I did.

{My boys were there to welcome me across the finish line}

{The boy with the dragon tattoo… I treated Luke to a shirt and a glitter tattoo after the race}