My husband is a Pastor of a Foursquare Church in Los Angeles so I knew ahead of time that Kathy Lee Gifford had written a play on the life of our church founder, Aimee Semple McPherson, based on the book This is That, but I didn’t know when it would come to NY.  I so hoped to have the chance to see it on Broadway!  God’s grace to me is overwhelming because its actual debut on Broadway is not until November 15th but I was thrilled to discover that the show happened to be in previews while I was in NY last week! I bought a last minute ticket and went alone.  The play was so wonderful.  I laughed out loud and wiped away tears multiple times during the show.  Having known the real story of Aimee’s life and experienced the power of her legacy first hand, it was so thrilling to see her story being portrayed in such an inspiring way for all the world to hear.  What a testament her life was to God’s power to use people for his glory despite their failures.  It should give us all hope that “as long as we have a pulse, we have a purpose”.  If you plan to be in the Big Apple this holiday season, definitely check it out.  It’s well worth the price of admission.  You can purchase a ticket here.

{Kathy Lee Gifford was there to greet fans and sign autographs}