Sermon Sunday- He Is Risen

Crucifixion StationOne of the most exciting things to me about being a Children’s Ministry Director at Easter is that I get the unique opportunity to tell the Gospel story to those who are hearing it for the very first time.  I always try to make the lessons interactive and interesting for kids (see other Easter summaries here and here) This year I supplemented the What’s In the Bible Church Edition video curriculum with some home made props to walk the children through experiencing the last days of Christ on Earth from Passover to Palm Sunday to The Last Supper, to the Garden of Gethsemane, to the Crucifixion to the Resurrection and new life.

Luke Construction

{Luke and I made these door frames}

Door frames

{We had the children paint them red to illustrate the origin of the Jewish passover tradition}

Palm Sunday{I cut these oversized palm branches from my backyard and laid them down with coats to illustrate Palm Sunday}


{Luke and I made miniature Palms out of construction paper, glue and paint sticks}

Palm Sunday Experience

{We gave the palms to the children to re-enact Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem when all the people shouted “Hosanna to the King” and waved palm branches}

The Last Supper

{Each child got a piece of matzo bread and grape juice to commemorate the Passover meal Jesus experienced with his disciples where He announced that this was the new covenant in His blood.  He would be the passover lamb promised by God who would save His people from their sins}


{My brother and I constructed a tomb out of foam and spray paint.  One of the teachers dressed as an angel and sat upon the “stone” that was rolled away which we constructed out of a grapevine wreath, cardboard and wrapped it in brown paper}

New Life

{To illustrate the new life that is available to everyone who believes in Jesus, I filled pots with soil and handed them out to the children along with marigold seeds and instructions to water them and watch them grow in the next few days}

Easter Egg Hunt

{We hosted an Easter Egg hunt with 1,600 eggs for the children}

Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt

Face Painting

{the Resurrection celebration event included free face painting}


{Bouncy Houses}

Bull Riding

{Bull rides}

Taco Trucks

{And a free taco truck for the community}

Children of Hope

{It was a life changing, hope-filled Sunday for so many}