Soho House West Hollywood

IMG_9454Last week I had the privilege of going to dinner at Soho House in West Hollywood, an exclusive invitation only club where no phone calls or photos are allowed. My co-worker snuck a couple of these shots of the view for me with her phone because it was just too spectacular not to share.  The experience is surreal, you enter in through a valet station, take a tufted walled elevator up and it opens to a beautiful room with a chandelier and marble staircase. You venture up the stairs past the common area to the garden restaurant which is a beautiful place with real trees lit with twinkle lights.  The food was delicious, I had the kale salad appetizer and salmon entree.  The roof is retractable so you can see the sky and feel the night air as you enjoy good food and good company.   I felt so blessed to be able to experience such a fantastic place.