SOMA Soul Cycle

SOMA Soul CycleThis week I hosted a fun event for my clients at SOMA Soul Cycle in San Francisco.  It’s such a great team building exercise, no pun intended. The last time I went to Soul Cycle was in 2012 at the West Hollywood location, documented here.  Spin classes have never been my favorite thing. It’s usually the discomfort of the seat that bothers me but that’s not a problem at Soul Cycle mainly because you don’t spend that much time sitting. You spend most of your time hovering over the seat in a semi squat position or riding standing up.  Those who Soul Cycle really love it.  It’s a cool combination of movement to fun music on a stationary bike.  I liked it because I could go at my own pace.  They’ve got locations all over- NY, LA, SF- and it’s a great way to kickstart your workout motivation for Summer.  You can find a class here and you should always reserve a bike in advance. They fill up fast.