Speak Life

Speak LifeWords have so much power. The power to build up, the power to tear down, the power to sustain and the power to propel forward. I believe in speaking life to people. By that I mean, speaking words that bring life. I practice this in the way I encourage my teams at both Hope Chapel and AOL. I pray first that God will show me something special about that person and then I tell them what I see. Sometimes it’s simple things like “Your smile lights up the room when you walk into it” to deeper things like “Your ability to lead will be a huge force for good in this world”. I don’t claim to have any special prophetic gift.  I simply take the time to try to see a person as God might see them and then take the extra step to tell them what I see. I have been amazed at how such a simple thing can empower people.  It can change relationships, it can help others take steps they may have been afraid to take for a long time.  If you have the chance to speak to anyone this week, I’d encourage you to speak life.