Springfield Spring Break

Springfield Spring breakWe spent most of Spring Break visiting our friends in Springfield Missouri. We’ve been out to visit them many times over the last 10 years the’ve lived there.  We were all excited to arrive by 1pm so we’d have a whole day together before needing to prepare for the Quinceanera. To my horror, when we arrived at the St. Louis Airport I looked around and immediately realized we were in the wrong place. “They had a tornado and remodeled” Jeff said, but I knew I had flown into the wrong airport. We usually fly into Springfield airport! So our 3 hour flight was followed up by a 4 hour drive through the Missouri countryside.

Krispy Kreme

The only thing that softened the blow was that we could stop at Krispy Kreme as we drove into Springfield.

Springfield Spring Break

The next day Luke and Jeff were in for a treat. They got to go on an off-roading excursion


In our friend’s Jeep. He took the doors off just for them. It didn’t matter that it was 50° outside that morning. They had fun driving vertical hills and plunging into rivers.


I got to stay indoors and watch flower preparations

Violin lessons

Another one of the sweet moments of our trip. When Bella tried to teach Luke to play her violin.

Gilberti's Pizza

We took a drive to Branson one night for Gilberti’s famous Chicago pizza.

Bass Pro Shops

Before embarking on our extensive ride back to St. Louis, we stopped at Bass Pro Shops to take in the place. It is HUGE.  Like Disneyland for Hunters and Fisherman.


There are real alligators in the store!

Bass Pro Shops Fire

And a massive fireplace with rocking chairs to sit and enjoy your ice cream


Andy’s Frozen custard is Jeff’s favorite place on Earth so we had to stop in before heading out of Springfield.


Our goodbye brigade! Thank you Robillards! We love you!