Star Wars Birthday Party

Because life moves pretty fast I find that birthdays serve up the best opportunity to stop and take a look around. We try to take full advantage of that once a year opportunity to celebrate life around our house with themed birthday parties.  Since I love to bake, every birthday has had a themed cake from Little Einsteins, to Big Bird, to Mickey Mouse, to Spiderman.  The Star Wars theme for this year’s party had been chosen months ago and I’d known I wanted to make a 3D Darth Vader Cake but up until days before the party had no idea how I was going to pull it off.  Luckily my husband was able to find this step-by-step which helped me tremendously.  For the Star Wars food ideas, I turned to JustJennRecipes, the authority on all edible things Star Wars, so thank you Jenn for your delicious recipes and food cards! And thank you husband for all the running around you did trying to chase down all my ingredients!  We had about 20 kids swirling around our house. Luckily the force was with us.

{Luke had fun helping me with the Vegan Jawa Cookies, recipe courtesy of JustJennRecipes}

{we cut out their faces then baked them}

{Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Frosting..yummier than many regular frostings I’ve tasted.  Recipe at JustJennRecipes} 

{Vegan Cupcake recipe here courtesy of JustJenn Recipes}

{I could not find gold sugar balls anywhere for the eyes but red worked out fine. Food cards here}

For the Darth Vader Cake I made 3 nine inch round cakes and stacked them with homemade frosting inbetween.  Cake and Frosting recipes here and here.

{I baked one cake in a glass bowl for the helmet and one in a meatloaf pan which I used to cut pieces to sculpt the face}

{I put 4 wooden dowels into the layered cakes and a cake tier under the helmet to suppor the weight of the cake}


{I made lots of chocolate buttercream frosting}

{I used more cake scraps to make the helmet sufficiently dome-like then buttercreamed the entire cake}

{ rolled out the black fondant}

{and began to cover the face first, then the head}

{I painted the mouth with silver edible glaze then paintbrushed water all over it to add shinyness}

{Luke saw the finished product and said “whoa!”.. which translates to “that’s cool mom”}

{the young jedis had to earn their light sabers by completing the jedi training obstacle course}

{The Darth Vader Pinata didn’t stand a chance}

{Each of the kids got a photo op with Darth}

{It’s good to be 5}