Street Evangelism

Last weekend we hosted our 4th free pancake breakfast for the community of Cohasset Street. This time, in addition to pancakes and pinatas, we set up a stage and brought in world-renown evangelist, Greg Mead, to share Christ’s love. Greg’s story is amazing. Beaten and abused by his stepfather from the age of 3, he grew to become a violent and abusive man. Driven to the end of himself, he planned to commit suicide one night and put a shotgun in his mouth but passed out before he could pull the trigger. A Christian family invited him to Thanksgiving dinner a few weeks later and loved him despite angry outbursts and foul-mouthed behavior at the table. He committed his life to Christ and now travels the world telling his story and the story of God’s love to everyone who will listen. He breaks bricks and rolls up metal frying pans into burritos for fun.  He holds the world record for breaking the most amount of bricks with his head.  This time he did a fire break for us.

{Greg Mead, just before the show began}

{Piñata Line}

{My husband, the visionary leader of change in the community}