Stress Rescue

RescueI’ve been making new habits lately.  New habits of gratitude, new habits of mindfulness and slowing time that way.  I’ve been trying to be in the moment, finding joy in the moments because life is comprised of little moments.  There have been lots of heavy things swirling around my life in this season and I have not had a lot of time to stop and reflect on them.  So last week I took a day off.  I drove to Malibu to workout with my favorite instructor, Coach Neda, whose dance moves always make me forget I’m working out until I leave there drenched.  Next I stopped by Malibu Lagoon to smell the fresh, sea salt air and watch the waves break.  As I reached the lifeguard stand at the end of the trail, there was this rescue board propped up like it had been placed there just for me.  I was all alone on the beach, save a tourist couple.  I watched the waves breaking just above the board and thought about the waves of life that had been crashing so hard all around me lately.  I looked at the rescue board and smiled.  It was as if God was saying to me, “I see you. Don’t worry.  Help is on the way”.  And just like that a peace came over me and I remembered that God is trustworthy to see me through the storm.   Taking the time to stop and pray and reflect always rescues me from the stress of my sometimes overwhelming life.  I was so thankful to God for allowing me to see that reminder.

Malibu Lagoon

malibu lagoonMalibu LagoonMalibu LagoonMalibu Lagoon