Summer Reading List

Summer Reading ListIn high school I remember combing through the AP Honors Summer Reading list with eager anticipation to decide which three books I would choose to read before school was back in session. Books like [Jane Eyre], [To Kill a Mockingbird] and [Anna Karenina] are just a few that I remember really escaping into. I confess I had not looked at reading with such anticipation since those days. I’d often list “read at least one book” as a New Year’s Resolution and my best friend, who is an avid reader, used to tease me that I’d never make it through that one book. Something is different this Summer though. At this moment I am reading four books at once, and I read three last month. I am reading more than I ever have and for all different reasons. Some books I’m reading with Luke, some for my own spiritual guidance, some for help in business, and some for pure pleasure. I’m having fun learning, and discovering what it means to escape to other worlds again through books. It’s a fun season and I am hoping to make Summer reading lists a yearly tradition with my son. Here’s a clickable list of what’s on my nightstand this Summer:

2nd Grade Reading Books:

1) The Giver

2) The Trojan Horse

3) The Little Prince

4) Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims

Spiritual Inspiration

1) Dreaming of More For the Next Generation

2) First Steps Out

3) The Power of a Praying Wife


1) Leaders Eat Last


1) Divergent

2) Insurgent

3) Allegiant

4) Four