Sunday Brunch with Purpose

Park CentralI don’t typically have to travel for work on the weekends, but once in a while like this past weekend I was away on a Sunday. I had planned to wake up in time to order room service and then head to the airport to go home to my boys, but the Park Central Hotel does not have room service, if you can imagine that. So I was a bit annoyed that I had to actually get dressed and schlep my bag downstairs to the restaurant buffet. As I got dressed that morning I put on a tank top with the words “Burn Bright” on it and prayed that God would help me to let my light shine for Him somehow. When I got to the restaurant I sat down and noticed a little family in the table across from me, a mother, father and little boy not more than 2 and a half. It made me miss Luke and Jeff as I watched them. Then I moved on to enjoying my breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast with jam. As is my habit when I travel I opened the Bible app on my phone and began reading from 1 Timothy. Then something unusual happened.

Sunday BrunchI felt the urge to look up and I saw the little boy toddle past my table out of the restaurant toward a crowd of people. My first instinct was to get up and chase him but I looked at his parents and they seemed unalarmed so I figured perhaps he had a grandparent or someone he was walking toward in the crowd. A couple of minutes later his parents began frantically looking around the restaurant and I asked if they were looking for their son. They said they were and I said he went “that way toward the lobby”. Immediately they ran out to look for him and I began to pray. I prayed they would find their son quickly and that he would be perfectly restored to his family. Anxiety welled within me as I thought of the time I had almost lost Luke in a Westin restaurant. I prayed for the mother. A few moments later they returned with their son in hand and thanked me. “He was just about to get on the elevator” the father said, “we would have never found him. Thank you”.  I sat there stunned for a moment. Overwhelmed with thanksgiving that they’d found their little boy and at the same time awestruck that no one else in that entire restaurant noticed that little boy wander out, except me.  As I thought about it more in the cab on the way to the airport, I really felt like it was as if I was supposed to be there that morning.  Even though I had much preferred to stay in bed and order room service, the fact that I was forced to go downstairs to the restaurant and that I happened to look up as the boy was wandering out stayed with me.  I felt like God had answered my prayer that morning “to let my light shine for Him” and I was thankful to be part of a brunch with purpose.