Sunday School Lesson- Kids Decorated

Kids DecoratedThis week I taught a Sunday School lesson on bragging. We live in a culture where self promotion and bragging abound within social media and children today are more susceptible to this pitfall than ever before. At the root of boasting is a desire to be thought well of by others, yet when we brag about ourselves people actually end up thinking less of us. The antidote for bragging is provided in Philippians 2:3. “Do nothing out of selfishness or boasting but be humble thinking of others as better than ourselves”

To illustrate the point, I had all the kids sit in a circle with one child in the center. Everyone took turns blurting out the talents of the child in the center and I wrote the talents down on sticky labels. The children then “decorated” the center child with the labels of affirmation.  We continued this until everyone had a turn and they all seemed to get the message loud and clear.  People see your talents without you ever having to say a word about them.  The children shouted “now it’s your turn, Miss Lisa”.  As I stood in the center, the children began to swarm around me sticking labels like “good teacher”, “kind” and “good mommy” on my shoulders. I had not anticipated the feelings of happiness and overwhelming encouragement that would flood my soul as the words of praise from my students stuck to me one after another.  Teaching the Bible to children fills my soul more than anything else I do but experiencing its lessons with them is an even greater joy.