Sunday School Lesson- Noah’s Ark

Noahs ArkWe went to the see NOAH as a family on Friday night. I was so excited to see it because the previews looked like they captured the Bible story in such an epic way but I was so disappointed.  The only thing epic about the movie was its distance from the truth.  Luke’s reaction spoke volumes- in the middle of the movie he turned to me and whispered “this is fake!”. I was both proud to see that he knew the Bible story so well and grieved to think of all the other children who might see this movie without the advantage of a Christian education and miss the true meaning behind the event. I decided to teach a lesson on Noah’s Ark to the preschool Sunday School class as my attempt to pass on the true story to the next generation and I enlisted Luke to help me.  I wanted the lesson to accomplish two things- to tell the true story and to emphasize the connection between the ark and the idea of a rescuer.  I used The Jesus Storybook Bible which accomplishes both of these so beautifully.  Luke read the story of Noah to the preschoolers and did such an amazing job, stopping to show them the pictures along the way.  Then we colored print-outs of a rainbow and an ark and some animals for the kids to take home.  The most fun was during playtime, the preschoolers found some animal puppets and put on a show for me, telling what their experience was like inside the Ark and that the true rescuer who came after them was Jesus.  I was thrilled to see that the kids understood the main point of the lesson that just as Noah’s Ark rescued the human race so Jesus came to rescue the human race once and for all.  When we are in Christ, we are saved from our sins just as Noah’s family (his wife, his three sons and his sons’ wives with them) were saved from the water when they were in the ark.