Sweet Afternoon

We spent Martin Luther King day in Malibu. We tried to really focus on each other and made an effort to guard our time as a family. No computers, no phone calls, just the three of us. After grabbing lunch at Marmalade, one of our old haunts in Calabasas, we hit the bookstore and the ice cream shop. Then we headed to the beach for sand art and critter exploration. The tide was low making it possible to walk from 3rd Point nearly all the way to 1st Point. We ended the day by doing “the stairs” at Pepperdine, my Alma Mater. I was reminded of the night I lied down in the bleachers of the baseball field a lonely young girl and cried out to God for a man who would love Him and love me. God honored that prayer in bringing me Jeff and I married him in the little chapel on that very same campus where I once asked for him. God’s grace is amazing to me.

{My favorite Cheesecake Factory vanilla cupcake from Barnes & Noble Cafe}