The Big God Story

Most of us can remember Bible stories from Sunday School lessons growing up, but how many of us have ever been shown how those stories are interconnected? That they are not just a collection of stories, but rather all part of one big story that God is telling.  A redemption story.  Michelle Anthony, author of The Big God Story, has found a way to connect the stories of the Bible for children and to show how we are all a part of God’s story.  I’ve been teaching my Sunday School classes from this macro perspective for about two years now and last Sunday was a review lesson.  I asked the kids if they could tell me the Big God Story and amazingly they did so from start to finish.  It was so gratifying to see that they have been able to grasp the bigger picture I’ve been painting little by little all this time. This video tells the Big God Story in 10 minutes and is worth watching if you’ve ever wondered how all the stories fit together.  It’s especially fun to watch if you’re a kid.