The Clift

The CliftThe Clift in San Francisco is one of those great hotels that offers ambiance, surprise and just the right amount of swank to make you feel like you’ve really visited someplace hip enough to write home about.  From the oversized chair in the lobby that makes you feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland to the unexpected witty notes waiting on your pillow to greet you upon check-in, this place is a welcome stay for the weary traveler.  I will advise you though, if you order the veggie burger, don’t be alarmed if it looks like raw hamburger meat (I had a mild panic attack when I bit into it and had to call room service to double-check).  The veggie burger is made with tofu, red beans and beets so that gives it a texture and color much akin to hamburger meat.  Delicious once you know what you’re eating.

The Clift Lobby

{Oversized chair in the lobby}


{Purple stairwell}

The Clift

{witty welcome amenity}

The CliftRoomRoomRoom

{Floor to ceiling curtains}

The Clift

{Tiny, but cute bathroom}

The Clift

{My view}