The Power of Gratitude

One Thousand GiftsA few weeks ago I stumbled upon the most beautiful blog,  Ann writes with such poetry,  her words are pure art.  I began reading her book this week, One Thousand Gifts, and in it she brings a fresh perspective on how to find joy in the midst of suffering.  The secret is gratitude- finding little things to be thankful for every day that give you joy.   We can be going through the darkest time but even a glimmer of light is enough to light up the darkness.  Our family has been going through a dark time these last few months. Jeff’s sister who has been battling colorectal cancer since 2010 and had been told so many times by doctors over the years that she was going to die in a matter of months, only to astound them at every turn by God’s power and her will to fight, was put on hospice a few weeks ago.  In fact, my very first post for this blog was about one of her {miracles} and another {here} and {here}.  We are still fervent in prayer that Jesus would heal her again and allow her to raise her 14-year-old son.  What has been amazing is her spirit.  She has maintained a positive attitude throughout her entire battle with cancer, always focusing on what she has to be thankful for.  Finding ways to smile and encourage others, when most days behind closed doors she is throwing up and in so much pain she can’t even walk.  Sometimes I wonder why God allows suffering and then I read books like this that remind me that the stories that have the most power are often those that come from the most pain.  Jesus himself, as he was facing his own death found a way to be thankful.  He took a cup of wine and gave thanks.  “He gave it to his disciples and said ‘drink from it. all of you. For this is my blood of the new covenant which is poured out for many for forgiveness of sins”. (Matthew 26:27-28).  Here are a few of the things I’m thankful for right now.  They are simple things but that’s really the point.

Ficus{14-year-old-frost-defying ficus, Bella, planted when my God-Daughter was born}

birds on a wire{birds on wires; the coo of a dove}

decaf soy cappucino{decaf soy cappuccinos}

California Palm Trees{palm trees on my commute}

bedroom morning light {early morning light through my bedroom}