The Service Laundry

I realized that during the weekdays, after 3 hours of commuting, 8 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep, I’m left with only 5 hours of actual free time in each 24 hour period. Those five free hours are basically from 5am to 8am and 7pm to 9pm but with 7pm to 8:30pm being taken up by parenting duties such as helping with homework, cooking dinner and readying for bed, I truly am only left with 3.5 hours per day. Hence, my desire to automate my life. By that I mean that I need to automate the things in my life that I just simply don’t have time for. At the top of that list is folding laundry.

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Jeff and I do a pretty good job of dividing the household duties between us but the one thing neither of us likes to do is fold laundry. So a pile of clean laundry pretty much takes up residence on our dining room table during the week.

Service Laundry

Delivery.comEnter, the Service Laundry, a local laundry-mat that offers a wash and fold delivery service.  I schedule the pickup online.

LaundryThey pick up my bag of dirty laundry at the scheduled time on Saturday, sort it, wash it and return it all clean and neatly folded at the scheduled time on Monday. Problem solved. Fun Fact- this particular laundry mat is the very same one that our church spent two years serving in with our “Laundry Love” ministry where we did people’s laundry for free 1 night/month. They closed down a year after we stopped that ministry and then re-opened under a new name “The Service Laundry”. Their motto is “transforming society one quarter at a time”.  I love that.  You can find wash and fold services near you, as well as food and grocery services to further automate your life, at