Vegas Business

Target Swimsuit Cover up, Calvin Klein Sunglasses, Adam Tucker Wedges

Target Swimsuit Cover up, Calvin Klein Sunglasses, Adam Tucker Wedges                 photo credit: Clay Ariail

Last week I was in Vegas for business. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights of the trip.  I am hoping my life slows down soon so my body can catch up.

Cosmopolitan Lobby

{Cosmopolitan Lobby}

Bellagio Fountains View

{View of the Bellagio Fountains from my room}

Cosmopolitan room

{My lovely spacious room}

Marquee Day Club Las Vegas

{Down-time at the Marquee Day Club}


{Taking a selfie for Jeff before one of my dinners}

Pink Chandeliers

{Pink Chandeliers in the lobby? Yes, please!}

The Foundation Room

{View from the Foundation Room Lounge}

Foundation Room Friends

{Just a few moments after this photo was taken, I became violently ill and had to leave my clients early}

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas took such great care of me.  My gracious friend who saw me back to the hotel was kind enough to call ahead to let them know I was very ill.  They had a wheelchair waiting to escort me from the taxi to my hotel room.  At around 3am, my symptoms had not seemed to be getting any better so I called the hotel security and they had the paramedics come to my room within 10 minutes to take all my vital signs.  They assured me that I was most likely experiencing food poisoning and that I was dehydrated which was causing the shaking.  I decided to forego a trip in the ambulance with them but stayed in my room and just continued drinking water all night.  I could not have felt more at peace in the midst of a scary time.  I felt well enough to fly home the next morning and was so happy when my plane touched down in L.A.