Wedding Weekend

Santa Barbara WeddingJeff’s youngest daughter, Erin, got married in Santa Barbara this weekend. It was an intimate ceremony at the courthouse followed by a brunch at Cielito on State Street. The reception was the following evening at a friend’s home in the valley. ┬áHere are a few of my favorite moments.Father of the Bride

{Father of the Bride}


{The Groom}

Father of the Bride

{Here Comes the Bride}

Santa Barbara Courthouse

{The Venue- The Santa Barbara Courthouse}


{Sister and Mother of the Bride}

Grandma & Grandpa

{Grandma and Grandpa of the Bride}


{Brother of the Bride}


{the Ceremony}

Bride and Groom

{Married Bliss}

Kiss the Bride

{Kiss the Bride}


{Santa Barbara views}

Luke & Mema

{Pre-Wedding moment}

Happily Ever After

{Happily Ever After}