Whole Wheat Pasta Shells & Homemade San Marzano Marinara with Kale

San Marzano tomatoes are so famous they come with their own Protected Designation of Origin, a seal of approval backed by the European Union to be authentically from the Campania region of Italy.  San Marzano tomatoes have thin skin making them perfectly suited for peeling and therefore the tomato of  choice for sauces by chefs the world over.  Luckily, you only need to search as far as your local grocery store for suitable canned San Marzano tomatoes.   This San Marzano Marinara recipe had my husband eating the sauce directly out of the pan, sans pasta, proclaiming it was the best he’d ever tasted. 

{All the ingredients you need for the sauce}

{Browned the onions in the olive oil with Salt and Pepper, then added the tomato paste}

{I put the canned San Marzanos through a food mill.  It was my first time using a food mill. Awesome.}

{added the puree to the sauce along with the herbs and simmered on low for one hour}

{The end result was a bit spicy for me and the kiddo-next time I’ll use less red pepper- but it was just right for my spicy husband}