Wild Kratts

Wild KrattsLuke and I went to a “Wild Kratts” birthday party for one of his classmates. If you’re unfamiliar with “Wild Kratts” it is an animal show on PBS where the Kratt brothers teach kids animal facts while introducing you to real creatures and then parlay the video into a cartoon version of themselves with episodic adventures.  There’s nothing kids pride themselves on more than animal trivia.  Luke constantly begins sentences with “Mom did you know..” usually followed by something like the “difference between cheetas and leopards” to which I always ask “where did you learn that?” and his answer is “I saw it on Wild Kratts”.  Anyway, this party came with a real animal keeper who brought a whole world of creatures with him, including a giant boa, which Luke enjoyed wearing like a fashion boa.

Wild Kratts{Tortoises, not to be confused with turtles, which live in water}

Wild KrattsSnakelace{Snakelace}