Women of Faith Farewell

You Are LovedI have been to the Women of Faith conference a few times over their 20 year run, see last year’s post [here]. 2015 was their farewell tour and I really wanted my mom and sisters to be able to experience it before it was too late so last weekend we all met up in Charlotte, NC to attend. The theme for this year was “You Are Loved” and so many of the stories were so inspiring.  Below is a list of the things that spoke the most to me.

Women of Faith

Shawna Niquist:

“One of the ways to see where God’s leading you is to pay attention to your tears”.   “Forgiveness is something you have to do every day for a year and then you’re free”

Thelma Wells:

“Success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the obstacles you overcome”

“Stop imitating other folks and be what I have called you to be”

“Go out and do what I have called you to do in the marketplace”

Building 429Building 429 performed “Not Ashamed” and shared:

“The dreams that we have that consume us are often too small for hte God that we serve. His love is like a wildfire that we can’t outrun”

“It is through our story that God shows his glory again and again”

Nicole Johnson

“Good things come from broken people who have learned something in the breaking”

Luci Swindoll

“Don’t fail to live your life. Don’t wait until that perfect job or the house is paid or the kids are grown”

“If you save some, spend some, tithe some, invest some and give some away you will always have money and money will never have you”

Women of Faith Farewell