Wonder Women

What little girl didn’t want to be Wonder Woman when she grew up?  Actually, for me it was probably a tie between Wonder Woman and Daisy Duke, since Lynda Carter and Catherine Bach were both such beautiful women who were also smart and strong.   I had the privilege of growing up in a generation where anything was possible for women.  I never felt like I was at a disadvantage because I was a girl (I was second in my class throughout high school), I could play sports (our softball team went to the NH State Championships semi finals), I could work the same job as the boys in my class, cleaning up the Town Beach, then on to lifeguarding, I could compete in Speech Contests and star in school plays (Maid Marion in Robin Hood) and because the sky was the limit for me, I took to the skies.  I think because everything was possible, I believed there was nothing I could not do and that served me well.  I’ve been very blessed. Now I am a Mom. I am a Pastor’s Wife.  I am an Advertising Salesgirl.  I am a Children’s Ministry Director.  I am a Wife.  In all of these areas I feel such an overwhelming sense of responsibility to do them all well, but so many times I fall short.  I could relate to Barna’s research that 95% of Moms feel like there is something they can be doing better. This video was a good reminder that I am not meant to do it all by myself.  I have limitations. But I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and it is when I am weak that He is strong.  I hope it encourages you too.