You’ve Been Egged!

EggedI found this amazing idea on Pinterest called “You’ve Been Egged”. I stumbled across [this blog post] by Jaqueline Rizo of Living A Redeemed Life and thought it would be much more fun to invite our neighbors to our Easter service & egg hunt this way than through a traditional flyer!   Luke even asked one of his neighbor friends to help us.  It was a stealth mission. We went out after dark and hid easter eggs on the lawns of 9 of our neighbor friends.  At one point Luke ducked down in the middle of the sidewalk and I said “Luke what are you doing?” he whispered “I’m being stealth, Mom!”  We are always looking for ways to bless our neighbors and since we couldn’t exactly buy Easter baskets for all of them, this was a fun way to share the love.

You've Been Egged